Bathroom Remodel

Finished bathroom with hardwood floors

We tore this entire bathroom down to the studs. After removing everything, we adjusted the plumbing, added in a vanity, a fiberglass shower kit and new toilet. We finished with custom trim and hardwood floors to make the room transition seamlessly into the rest of the house.

Chimney Build

Finished Chimney in Mobile, AL

We took an existing vent pipe for a chimney and extended it out with a weatherproof, wood framed chimney that fit with the existing architecture.


Chimney prior to paint and finishing touches

This chimney repair took and existing pipe style outlet and turned it into something more fitting for the style of house. We added board and batten siding and custom trim work to finish out this awesome looking chimney.

Church Bathroom

Final touches of paint and new flooring

A local church needed their women’s room redone. We removed the existing structure, framed new alls and doors, added a seating area and then added new flooring and paint to finish the build.

Deck Repair

Weather damage and the sun eroded this deck and we were able to add new rails and posts to provide a safe and secure entry at the front and side of this local business.

Wood Floor Repair

Repaired floor matched to original flooring

Hardwood floors are a popular option in the south, but along the Gulf Coast, our humid conditions can erode floors over the years. Here we were able to remove the damaged flooring without harming the surrounding flooring, and then we installed new pieces and matched the existing stain to give the floor a seamless repair.

Hurricane Shutter Instalation

Hurricane shutters on Gulf Shores home.

Tropical disturbances are a fact of life along the Gulf Coast. This homeowner needed extra protection on their beach home and so we added these hurricane shutters, which are rated to withstand hurricane force winds.

Deck Addition

This deck was added to connect an existing wrap-around porch and carport. In addition to the deck, we added rails and then added a custom built bench to bring the addition together.


Pergola in Daphne, AL

This custom pergola was done in Daphne, AL. We cut custom rafters for the pergola and then painted it white to match surrounding decor.

Porch Remodel

custom reclaimed barn wood accent wall

Matched the old siding with new siding and then painted to blend the two areas together. Once that was done, we added a reclaimed barn wood accent wall to make the addition pop.

Post and Handrail Repair

Finished post and rails on front porch

The rails and posts on this front porch had become weathered over the years and unstable. We came in and replaced old lumber on the banisters, handrails and posts. We were able to match the look of the original design and blend the repairs seamlessly.

Room Addition

French doors added to room addition

This room addition happened in Gulf Shores, AL. We framed the area, put up drywall, siding as well as added french doors and an exterior window. We finished the addition with wood flooring, a ceiling fan and painted the room green.

Screened Porch Addition

Custom screened porch

This screened porch addition has exposed rafters, double doors, ceilingĀ fan, and pin lighting. The porch was set into the landscape. The final product is a porch that looks as though it’s always been

Custom Shed

Custom built shed in Fairhope, AL. We built this shed from the ground up including framing, doors, ramp and set on 6×6’s to level the floor and keep it from taking on runoff.

Soffit Repair

Vinyl soffit repair on a house.

Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair Ramp in Daphne, AL garage

Wheelchair Ramp added to a garage.